The Prehistoric Collector online gallery has prehistoric through contemporary Native American pottery. Click on the links on the left to view current inventory.


The purchase of prehistoric artifacts is an investment in an art that has a long history of increasing in value over time. How better to invest money, than to invest in something you enjoy looking at with wonder and amazement? What better way to decorate your home and/or office, than to decorate with treasures that increase in value? Your purchase(s) should be made from highly respected professionals, specialists in their field, that can assist and guide you with a high standard of conduct.

Are you tired of purchasing "authentic" pieces with "no restoration" from sellers only to find out upon receipt that the item was highly restored or even a replica? Are you new to investing/collecting prehistoric pottery and can not tell the difference? Buy from The Prehistoric Collector with confidence.

We are restoration artists and have an eye for restoration detection. All our items available to the public are carefully identified according to culture, phase, type, and condition. If an item has restoration, it is stated in the description. When "before restoration" photos are available, we provide them. The photo used will be after the plaster stage and before the painting stage allowing the "white" (missing) area(s) to be seen easily. Restoration is an art too, we enjoy preserving these decorated pieces which would otherwise be lost due to the elements of time. We are interested in purchasing single or whole collections of decorated pottery in any condition.


We have a lifetime guarantee of authenticity. A certificate of Legitimacy and authenticity is included with all prehistoric pottery and artifacts. The certificate states that the seller of the following property guarantees that it has not been stolen, falsified, forged, or restored (without being so stated) and further that the item has not been taken illegally from federal land, public land, state land, or Indian Land and is not in violation of the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979, and further that the Seller of the property has legal title to the property.