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My name is Dan King, my wife Monica and I are moving and have decided to sell our mostly prehistoric Indian pottery collection. Here is a little history about myself and the collection:  

Since I was a young boy I did a lot of hiking around Tucson, Arizona. While hiking I noticed pottery shards scattered about. Learning that they were left behind by an ancient people was fascinating. As I grew so did my interest. Wanting to learn more I began reading archaeological books and reports, and soon became interested in archaeology.  It was so interesting to learn how just by looking at a shard, one can be reasonably sure of its culture and age. I began my studies in the Tucson Basin and soon realized that archaeologists didn't always agree when defining the different types. This led me to read all the material I could find, and draw my own conclusions.  

As my interest expanded to the entire Southwest, my collection of pottery, books, and notes grew. Learning the slight nuances that differentiate many types was a difficult task. This led to the making of the informational web site The web site has helped many archaeologists, even though it needs much more work and refinement. Over the years we have received many compliments from archaeologists and authors. Once an archaeologist called me from the field at an excavation site because he was in a bit of an argument about ceramics with the head archaeologist in charge of the excavation. It seems they found a shard to a vessel not indigenous to the area and didn't want to take the time to figure it out on our web site, they needed an answer right away. One believed it was traded from the South, the other believed it came from the North. Being asked to settle their argument had to be one of the best compliments we ever received.

It has taken more than 20 years building our type/variety collection, scouring auctions and shows across the United States.  Our dream was to build a museum and display the largest type/variety collection known. However, if we can sell the collection as a whole, then that is what we will do. We believe it to be the largest type/variety collection in the private sector.  Many vessels are published in new and old literature.

There are about 1200 items in the collection. The collection is always evolving, being added to or upgraded. Many rare types, varieties, forms and designs are not even known and haven't been reported in any archeological text. You may view most of the collection on line at, all the items in the collection will be on the front page of each type, and will have a Y at the end of each vessel number. Those that have a N at the end of the vessel number are not part of the collection. Price is seven figures, serious inquiries only please. Thank you.


Dan King


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